Monday, May 18, 2009

Rockford Speedway

I took 4 grown kids(my husband, middle son, youngest son, Phillip) and 6 little kids to the Speedway Saturday night.
Blake(9) Cohl(9) Chloe(6) Breanna(3) Cadin(3) Caden(3)
It was kids night and the speedway had a candy scramble and a school bus jump. The kids loved it. I was afraid the noise would be too much for them but it didn't even phase them at all. I wish I would have taken my camera. The look on Cadin's face when he saw those race cars was so precious. He thought Lighting McQueen had come to life. The two girly girls really got into it. Uncle Jamie was so proud. They were screaming for the pink 51 car to win. I think every car they wanted to win was pink. LOL. They enjoyed tons of snacks cotton candy, nachos, popcorn, french fries, and pops besides the candy they found in the scramble. Of course they all had to have a racing flags which soon turned into swords. We were at the speedway from 6:30pm to 11pm and not one single fight or tear. The kids loved the playground and would run back and forth to watch the cars zoom by then back to the playground again. It worn them out even the big kids. Everyone was fast asleep by midnight! It was a great night.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tons of stuff going on!

This is what I woke up to yesterday. I am totally blessed! I went and had lunch with my mom and worked out in the yard. It was a perfect day!

Saturday I had to go into work for a little while we had Open House on Friday & Saturday with a really nice turn out. On Saturday afternoon We went to my cousin's anniversary party she has been married 30 years. We don't see that side of the family much and it was great to get together. Congrats Carla!

Saturday night We went to a free steak dinner given to all the volunteers that helped with the Fish Fry's. It was delicious, especially since my husband and I have joined a Biggest Loser contest. We ate salad all week. I really need to lose weight and get in better shape. My husband lost 14 lbs and I lost 11.5 lbs but we didn't eat very well this past weekend so we are jumping back on the bandwagon today!

My middle son turned 18 on Friday and we did pizza and cake. We went fishing and had a bonfire until we got rained out. I am sick of rain! This is the second time I got soaked from head to toe but I should not complain. My oldest called home from Iraq on Saturday and he said it is 120 degrees night and day. I guess I don't mind getting wet compared to sweating to death.

Well I better get back to work I need to study for my final tomorrow. I have more test and I'm done with school until August. YEAH!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cohl's birthday Party

Well Cohl turns 9 next Saturday but his family party was today because he is getting so big he wants a camp out with friends from school. I bet everyone can guess what he got for presents. We bought him a Airsoft pistol with bb's and an extra clip plus a bow and arrow set. My parents bought him a skateboard and a Nerf gun. His mom bought him a Lord of the Rings gauntlet set with swords and daggers and a video game of course. Boys are so easy to buy for maybe because of all the practice I have had buying boy stuff. Sorry no pics forgot my camera today.

The weather is crappy this weekend it has rained all weekend and it was supposed to be nice. I swear I can guess better than the weatherman.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am so happy the weather is finally getting warmer. I can't wait for our first camping weekend. I love spending time with my family & friends outside. Tubing, campfires, picnics, drinks, fishing, canoeing, cards, dice, games, and smores always something to do. This year we have a couple new places to camp. My husband joined the Ellida club and they have a beautiful park. We have camped there before once and loved the place. We are also going to visit my husband's sister Lori and her family in Smithfield. They have a big farm with lots of kids and animals. I hope my youngest son brings along some of his swimming buddies so he has company since his brothers won't be along. We will also be looking for new campgrounds. Last year we went north and found 2 very nice places, one is in Lodi and the other was in Wild Rose, WI. I think we will also be visiting Jamie's mom & stepdad's place again. We got to stay on the point a couple of years ago and my husband loved the fishing!
Come on summer!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Care packages

Thank you to everyone that has been helping send stuff over to our troops! I just dropped off another 6 phones to Cell phones for Soldiers and another huge box at the post office. My son should be very popular in his tent!

I have talked to my son a couple times but not for long. He said the temperature is in the 80's so far but getting hotter everyday. They don't have four seasons like we do. They have a windy, dry, and very very short rainy season. It is the windy season right now. The place is an ocean of sand, not hard compacted sand but loose sand. There are millions of sand flies that get in their, ears, eyes, nose, & mouth constantly. The loose sand is being blown around so much it looks hazy all the time. He said the sand gets into everything. Roo usually does not cuss in front of me but told me that place is the asshole of the Earth.

I can't say this enough Thank you again!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend disappeared again

Phillip, Amanda, Caden, & Brook came over Friday night and brought me some chocolate. The little ones watched a movie and the big kids played Rock Band2. Saturday we stayed home most of the day but did manage to go to Phil's house and play Cranium with Joe, Chenin, and them and before I knew it, it was Sunday. After church we went to my mom and dads for lunch and ice cream cake and more presents then we had to rush home because Joe was hooking up our router and I had to go to a Mary Kay party. I do not where makeup it is ITCHY but after I was all glammed up 2 different people said my face glowed. Maybe I should try more often instead of the very rare occasion to wear the stuff. I really liked the smooth look it gave me.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday - GREAT DAY!

I had a terrific day yesterday. I took the day off and I had my hair high lighted. My husband gave me The Sims 2 the computer games. I have never been into video games but I love that game I make up my family and they have to do what I tell them. My own utopia LOL. My parents took my family out to dinner YUM and gave me my favorite flowers(tulips). Gener gave me the pans I wanted and Tilda gave me the bird feeder I wanted and I received a call from Roo this week. My sis gave me a gift certificate and the little ones came to spend the night and eat the wonderful giant cupcake birthday cake Lisa gave me. Lisa is so talented she also makes her own cards.